Voice over IP (VoIP) is revolutionizing voice communications in the enterprise. rEvolution Data Networks is a leader in VoIP implementation, putting the best VoIP technologies and engineering practices to work for your business.


Voice over IP voice communications delivered via the Internet Protocol sends voice information digitally in discrete packets rather than using the dedicated circuit-switched protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).


One big advantage of this arrangement is that it bypasses the toll structure of conventional phone service. More generally, because it uses digital information sent over data networks, VoIP offers the same efficiencies, conveniences, and opportunities for integration as other IP-based digital technologies such as email, directory services, and the web.


To provide the state of the art in IP telephony reliable, cost-effective, easy to use and administer rEvolution Data Networks has partnered with ShoreTel a leading provider of enterprise-class VoIP solutions.


ShoreTel leverages existing IP networks to support voice communications across the LAN and WAN, enabling businesses to connect a globally distributed workforce from overseas sales offices to telecommuting executives with a cost efficient phone system.


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